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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GOQii India Health Quiz 2019?

GOQii India Health Quiz 2019 is a 100 day Live Quiz Challenge starting from 9th of August, 2019 and ending on the 16th of November, 2019. In this quiz challenge, people must watch LIVE GOQii Play videos and participate in hourly quizzes, which in turn will earn them points that can be redeemed for exciting prizes.

  What are keys? How do I get more keys?

You need 1 key to participate in each quiz. You start with 15 keys and can earn more by performing the following activities;

Activity Keys Earned
Complete 6,000 steps (recorded in the app on the same day) 4 keys earned
Buy 1 key per day for 200 GOQii Cash 1 key earned
Shop on the the GOQii Health Store (not applicable on GOQii vouchers) 6 keys earned
Unlock Daily Chest Bonus 3 keys earned

Please note: Only steps recorded in the app on the same day will give you the keys. If you completed your steps but recorded on the app one day later, then they will not give you the keys.

Please note: You will not get any keys if you make a purchase on the Health store using a vouchers.

  How many points will I earn per quiz?

Each quiz will have 5 questions and give you a total of 50 points. The points are distributed as follows:

Question Number Points
Question 1 2 points
Question 2 3 points
Question 3 10 points
Question 4 15 points
Question 5 20 points

Please note: You will NOT earn any points after you are eliminated from a particular quiz. Watch out for ‘Maha-Quizzes’ during the 100 day challenge which will give you more points!

   What are lives? How do I get more lives?

A ‘Life’ will save you from elimination if you give a wrong answer in a quiz. Only one life can be used per quiz. You start with 10 lives.

To get more lives, you have to invite friends:

Activity Lives Earned
Your friend joins GOQii using your invite code 5 life earned
Your invited friend opens the GOQii app 2 life per day your friend opens the app
Your friend plays a quiz 3 lives per day you friend plays a quiz

A single invited friend can only get you a maximum of 5 lives per day (two for opening the app, and three for playing a quiz.)

Your friend will have to attempt at least one question in a quiz, in order for you to be eligible to receive bonus lives.

When will my prize get delivered?

All prizes earned will take a minimum of 3 weeks to deliver to your shipping address. Please note: Delivery charges of the prizes shipped will be applicable unless you purchase a Quiz Booster Plan.

Why did we start the India Health Quiz 2019?

In this internet age, there are so many health tips, theories and “facts” being circulated that one cannot determine if they are true or false. Hence, GOQii is on a mission to ensure that India is aware and informed with correct information regarding their health by verified health experts. It is GOQii’s motto to ‘Make India Healthy and Wise!’

How do I win prizes?

You can win prizes by participating in hourly quizzes, answering correctly to win points, which in turn can be redeemed for exciting prizes!

When can I attend the quiz?

Live quizzes will be held daily on GOQii Play videos from morning to night. Visit the India Health Quiz Page to see the complete schedule for the quizzes.

Make sure you join the quiz on GOQii Play before the scheduled time so that you do not miss out on any questions.

What happens if I answer incorrectly?

If you give a wrong answer, then you are eliminated from the quiz. You can continue playing, but will not earn any more points for that particular quiz.

If you have lives available, then life will be used and you will not be eliminated. You will also receive points for the questions you answered incorrectly.

Please note: You can only use one life per quiz. (No matter how many lives you have collected).

How many lives can I use in each quiz?

You can use only one life in each quiz. That means, even if you have more than one life when you entered the quiz, only one life can be used in each particular quiz.

What is the ‘Quiz Booster Plan?’

The Quiz Booster Plan is a paid subscription that will give you the following benefits;

  • You will get additional 20 lives
  • You will be able to use one 50:50 lifeline per quiz
  • You will be eligible for FREE delivery for all prizes claimed during the 100 day quiz
  • You can comment during the video and LIVE health classes

Can I participate in all the quizzes daily?

Yes. However, to participate in a quiz, you need a earn a key. If you have enough keys, you can participate in all quizzes.

Who can participate in GOQii India Health Quiz 2019?

All Indian residents with a smartphone/GOQii tracker are eligible to participate in this 100 day quiz. All players participating in the GOQii India Health Quiz must have the GOQii app installed on their mobile phone.

When does India Health Quiz 2019 start and end?

This challenge begins on 9th August 2019 and ends after 100 days i.e. on 16th November 2019.

How to participate in India Health Quiz 2019?

Download the app from Google Play Store (Android users) or iOS App Store (Apple users) to participate in Live hourly quizzes.

Is the GOQii India Health Quiz held anywhere else?

No. This 100 day quiz challenge is held exclusively on the GOQii app.

Is this challenge open only to GOQii Players with a paid subscription plan?

No. GOQii players without a subscription can also participate in this quiz challenge. If you don’t have the GOQii app on your mobile device, you can download and install the app from Google Play/iOS store and create a FREE account.

Is this challenge only open to players residing in India?

Yes. GOQii India Health Quiz 2019 is only open to registered GOQii players residing in India.

Do I need to pay a registration fee to participate in India Health Quiz 2019?

No. Participation in this quiz challenge is absolutely FREE! Just download and install the FREE GOQii app on your phone to register for this challenge.

Can I invite my friends to participate in India Health Quiz 2019?

Yes! Inviting your friends to participate in this quiz challenge will get you more lives. Lives will save from elimination you when you answer any question wrong. This will definitely give you an advantage over the other participants taking this challenge.

Why do I need to invite friends in the challenge?

In order to get more lives, you must invite your friends to download and install the GOQii app. Each invited friend that has completed the signup process using your invite code, you will get an additional 5 lives.

How do I earn points to claim prizes?

For every correct answer, you will earn points (Refer above for points allocation per quiz).On reaching certain milestones (number of points), it can be redeemed for exciting prizes. When you claim a prize, the corresponding number of points are deducted from your account.

What are the prizes for this challenge?

As you collect more points, you can redeem them for exclusive prizes such as GOQii activity trackers, OnePlus 6T, iPhone X and a cash prize worth Rs. 5 Lakhs! Please note: To get the complete list of prizes, visit the ‘Rewards’ section of this challenge.

How can I win prizes faster?

You can win prizes faster by inviting more friends to download the GOQii app, which in turn will give you lives and save you from elimination. Additionally, you can buy the Quiz Booster Pack and get a 50:50 lifeline. This lifeline can be used once per quiz.

Can I buy points?

No. You can only earn points by answering the questions in each quiz.

Can I buy keys?

No. But you can shop on the GOQii health store and can get 6 keys per day that you shop.

Does my friend need to make any payment to participate in this challenge?

No. Registering for India Health Quiz is completely FREE of cost! Your friend needs to enter the invite code sent by you during the registration process to ensure that you get a life.

What is the advantage of inviting more friends to participate in this challenge?

No. Registering for India Health Quiz is completely FREE of cost! Your friend needs to enter the invite code sent by you during the registration process to ensure that you get a life.

What if the address I provide is incomplete?

If the address provided for any claimed prize is incomplete, then we will try and reach out to you on the registered mobile number via call and SMS. If we are unable to reach you, your delivery expenses will be refunded. Your points will not be refunded.

My points have deducted after I claimed a prize. Why?

You are eligible to claim a prize just once after reaching a certain number of points. When you claim any prize, the corresponding number of points are deducted from your account.

My permanent residence is in Tamil Nadu, but I live in Maharashtra as of now. Which state can I be a part of?

Whichever state was selected by you at the time of registration in the app will be your state throughout this challenge.

I know someone is cheating in this challenge. What do I do?

If you know of someone cheating or using unfair practices to gain an advantage, kindly report that individual with relevant proof to our support team. Necessary action will be taken if found guilty.

Do I have to pay taxes on the prize I won?

Yes. You will have to incur the tax amount on your cash prize. GOQii will deduct this on behalf of the winners. For more information, read the India Health Quiz terms & conditions.

Can I claim multiple prizes?

Yes.You can claim multiple prizes as long as you have those many points. However, the prizes cannot be of the same category as the one you have previously claimed.

By when do I need to claim my prize?

You have to claim your prize before stock get over. Also, November 16, 2019 will be the last day of the challenge. After this, your remaining points we be nullified.

My friend has joined using the wrong invite code. What can I do?

Your friend has to sign up on the GOQii app by using the correct invite code, so that our system can give you the necessary lives. Please ensure that your friend enters correct invite code while registering on the GOQii app.

Can I use one phone to create multiple accounts?

No. You cannot create multiple accounts using an invite code on a single device.

What if I have been blocked from the quiz?

Our system will block users that have been suspected of doing unusual activities in the app. These will not be unblocked upon request.

My quiz did not start or the quiz disconnected while I was playing a quiz.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection to prevent yourself from missing the quiz. Also, make sure that the GOQii application is always in the foreground while playing the quiz.

I invited my friend to play GOQii India Health Quiz but I did not get any lives.

Please ensure that your friend has signed up on GOQii and used your invite code correctly. You will receive a life only once your friend has installed the GOQii app and registered using your invite code.

Please note: Only sending the invite code, does not give you a life.

I have claimed my reward but it has not been delivered yet.

You can check order status by going to health store → My orders. You can also track your order by going to courier website and entering your tracking number.

I purchased a product but I did not get keys.

Make sure that you have not cancelled the product you ordered from the GOQii Health Store. You can check your Challenge History, to know if you have received the keys. Check under the date of purchase to see whether you earned any keys for the product purchase.

I completed 6,000 steps but I did not get any keys in the GOQii India Health Quiz.

Make sure to sync your GOQii tracker with the GOQii application. You can also see the ‘last updated time’ for when your steps were last updated. We update your steps every 30 minutes, so you may need to wait for the keys to be credited to your account.

I answered all the questions correctly in the GOQii India Health Quiz but it is marked as wrong…

You can check your Challenge History > Past Quizzes to check if your answer was registered correctly. Make sure you have a stable internet connection while playing the quizzes.

Can I refund my prizes and get the points back?

No. Once a prize is claimed you will not be issued any refund.