Why GOQii India Health Quiz?

There are so many fake health tips and facts that are circulated, which makes it difficult to understand if they are true or false. Therefore, GOQii is on a mission to ensure that India is aware and informed with correct information regarding their health by verified health experts. We are on a mission to Make India 'Healthy and Wise'.

How it Works?

How it works?

Visit GOQii Play on the GOQii app and watch LIVE videos by our health experts. You can participate in hourly quizzes by using a key.

Answer all questions correctly and earn 50 points per quiz and 500 points in the Maha Quiz. Earn enough points to redeem them for exciting prizes! Who knows, you could win the grand prize of Rs. 5 lakh in cash!

How to participate?

Follow these 2 simple steps to get started:

All Indian residents with the GOQii app installed on their smartphone are eligible to participate in this quiz challenge.

Visit the Google Play store/iOS App store and search for ‘GOQii’ and download the app.

Watch LIVE health videos on GOQii play by our health experts and participate in hourly quizzes!